Espresso Technician Working On a Slayer Espresso Machine.

Welcome to Espresso Medic of San Diego – where our journey began in 2023 right here in the heart of San Diego

We're not just a repair service, we're your go-to solution provider. We kicked off this adventure with one clear goal in mind: to tackle challenges with a solutions mindset. Because we believe that every problem has a solution and sometimes it takes a little creativity to find it.

What fuels our passion? The thriving local coffee community that's as vibrant as our beautiful city. We're here to be your dependable partners, ensuring that you’re serving your best coffee no matter the season.

Transparency is our guiding light. We're not just fixers; we're educators too. We believe in sharing knowledge generously and with the utmost care. Our mission is to empower cafes with the insights they need to truly understand their equipment. After all, the more you know, the better you brew!

Whether you're a coffee enthusiast, a local cafe owner, or a home barista who appreciates the magic of a perfectly pulled shot, Espresso Medic is here to keep the heartbeat of San Diego's coffee culture strong.

Cheers to good company, good vibes, and endless cups of inspiration! ☕️

Meet The Team

They Are Pretty Cool

Meet The Team

They Are Pretty Cool

Jake Columna, Espresso Medics Primary Technician


Jake is a San Diego native. He’s an avid photographer and is an absolute wiz when is comes to all things equipment.
Before launching Espresso Medic of San Diego, Jake was the Head Equipment technician for Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, overseeing all of their equipment repairs.
He’s also just a delight to talk to so you’re in for a treat when you call Espresso Medic for your equipment repairs!